Tips on preparing your submission

Read the entry information carefully to ensure that you have entered your project/s into the most appropriate category. Some projects may be suitable for entry into more than one category.

The written submissions are very important and are read carefully by the jurors. Ensure that you:

  • Respond to the criteria succinctly and with relevant, factual information. Point form is better than paragraphs of information. Avoid repetition.
  • Present your project in the best possible light. Don’t leave preparation of the written section to the last minute.
  • Remember that, in addition to describing your project, your written submission should make a strong case for the project receiving an award.
  • So you have a backup, draft written responses in a Word document first, then cut and paste into the online form.

Use a professional photographer to document your projects. The early stages of judging are based on visual criteria, so give your project the best possible chance of getting through the judging processes by submitting high-quality images.

Use images that best suit the category you have chosen to enter. Select images that illustrate what you have said about your project in the written statement.

Provide images that are indicative of the project, allowing jurors to form an accurate sense of the entirety of the space. Images that focus on small details (i.e. a single fixture or artwork) tend to be of limited use to the jury.

System Requirements

We recommend using Google Chrome to submit your entry. Please ensure any Ad-Blocking technology you may have installed 'whitelists' this site or is turned off completely.

Troubleshooting image upload difficulties

Note that images that don’t conform to the specified file format and size will be rejected.

  1. Repeat the process once and check that you get the same result.
  2. Install Google Chrome and use it to complete your entry.
  3. Complete your entry promptly and in one sitting. Do not leave the browser open for long periods with no activity.
  4. Clear your browser’s cookies and cache.
  5. Try another computer.
  6. Run your operating system’s update facility and retry.
  7. Get some help from IT staff.

If you still have problems after following all of these steps, please call our support staff on (03) 8699 1000.